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A dedicated geek often spends many hours every day in front of a screen. The majority of these hours are spent sitting still. For that reason, it is incredibly important that you choose a really good chair. There are a lot of good and comfortable chairs for gamers in the market and here we will look at what you should think about when it is time to buy one.

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Welcome to GamingChairGeek.com, the best site for gaming chair tests, advice, videos and more. I am Louie and my ambition is to test as many relevant gaming chairs as I can. We are talking about real tests, which means I really have the chairs here and don’t tell you any made up nonsense.

Through my gaming chair experience I can tell you which gaming chair fits you best. Because it’s not only about good and bad, but also about whether the chair fits your body constellation.

Gaming Chair Reviews

DXRacer Formula F08

DXRacer Formula F08 is one of the most popular gaming chairs and probably the best selling model. The price is at a good level for gaming chairs and it's no wonder it gained so much popularity.

2 Arozzi Vernazza

Arozzi Vernazza

The model, which is not only one of the most popular alternatives among indented gamers, but also a gaming chair that received the best rating in 2018.

Popular 3 AKracing Nitro

AKracing Nitro

AKracing Nitro is one of the most popular options for gamers who sit in front of the computer for extended periods of time.

4 Arozzi Milano

Arozzi Milano

The gaming chair Milan from Swedish Arozzi is another popular choice that has also received very good ratings in reviews and by consumers who have tested the chair.

User rating:
5 Noblechairs HERO

Noblechairs HERO

Noblechair's HERO is one of the best gaming chairs sold in 2020 and a good alternative for those who are really looking for a quality chair that will last for many years.


Why a gaming chair at all?

When sitting, it is important that all areas of the body are supplied with blood as well as possible. By adopting an appropriately comfortable and ergonomic posture, we ensure that all risk areas are better supplied with blood. If you want to be successful with gaming and you are serious about it, then a gaming chair is a MUST, because no body can sit 5 hours on a folding chair without symptoms of fatigue.

Tips for choosing a gaming chair

  1. Sitting still too much is not optimal for our body, most people know it. If you still want to spend many hours in front of a screen, there are several things you can do to be nice to your body. First and foremost, it is important to remember that the best thing is if you can switch between sitting and standing. Maybe you can get up and play a quarter and then sit again.
  2. The next step will of course be to choose a good chair. There are a lot of things that can be good to think about. It is a clear advantage if the lumbar support can be adjusted. The armrests and the backrest inclination are also good to adjust. Adjustable armrests are good for the reason that you can then ensure that the elbows end up in the correct position, which can be of great importance if you play often.
  3. Being able to adjust the height of the chair is also good. Anyone who wants their feet in the floor can have it, even if the person in question would be short. At the same time, tall people can raise the chair so that they also reach down to the floor with their feet but no more than that.
  4. Just as when it comes to beds, there is a variety of thinking and thinking regarding the hardness of the chairs. Some want a soft chair while others feel better with a harder model. Here it is important to mention that there are chairs where you have opted for a harder padding, which is perfect for all those who have tired of the softest models on the market.

Once you have decided on a brand of gaming chair, you are faced with the choice of which model it should be exactly. Because there are plenty of gaming chairs and some of them are offered at completely different prices. So what are the cheaper chairs good for and what justifies the enormous surcharge for the more expensive ones?

This is exactly what Gaming Chair Geek is about. Here I would like to explain to you what you should pay attention to when buying a gaming chair. So what really matters in the end and which details are crucial.

Because what is important is not what the marketing wants to convey to you, but the little things that provide greater comfort and better quality in everyday life.


The next generation of gaming chairs will not only come with lighting (just like every gamer has at least one illuminated mechanical keyboard), but also with seat recognition. This means that when you leave the chair, the PC should automatically be set to “pause”, so that you don’t lose a second of what you’re currently busy with.

The choice on the market today is greater than probably ever before, and it is also getting bigger and bigger. Many people in search of the right gaming chair are overwhelmed with choices for exactly this reason, especially if this is the first purchase ever.

In order to make a quick and suitable choice, we recommend our top list with the best gaming chairs 2020.

In general, the chairs of course differ only slightly. The general functionality is identical in almost all models. Rough differences can, however, be identified and illustrated in the materials selected and the load-bearing capacity.

When choosing the materials, the customer has the choice between different covers. In addition to the classic PU and genuine leather, some models also have a fabric cover.

A gaming chair works in principle like a classic office chair, but has only subtle adjustments that meet the gaming requirements particularly well.

A gaming chair is a high-quality office chair with special features to enhance your gaming. Gaming chairs from the various manufacturers score points with their exciting and eye-catching appearance. For example, clear colours such as a strong red dominate the picture and simply cannot be missed.

Words of advice

Hopefully now you know more about what to look for in a gaming chair. Now it’s your turn! Choose the gaming chair that suits you and your habits. To make sure you don’t make any mistakes in your search, here are the best gaming chairs 2020, a list of my favorite chairs so far. If you can’t find a suitable chair there, you won’t find anything anywhere

Gaming Chair Geek
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