Best Gaming Chairs 2020

We have reviewed the best gaming chairs based on tests and reviews so you can easily find a model that suits you well. A good gaming chair allows you to sit comfortably, perform at the top and at the same time have the opportunity to sit ergonomically which is less stress on your health.

Gaming chairs are not just office chairs in a racing seat look. Modern chairs are designed and has been worked out according to ergonomic aspects and is tailored precisely to the needs of gamers. After all, anyone who plays a lot on the computer needs a gaming chair on which you sit comfortably, which is easy on your back and thus allows you to concentrate completely on the gaming action. We have tips for you so that you know exactly what to look out for when buying. On this page we present you with the best gaming chairs currently on the market.

At Gaming Chair Geek, we strive to help you make final decisions with confidence. To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. However, this doesn’t influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

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How we choose the best gaming chair

There is a large selection of gaming chairs in the market and this is an area that has only exploded in recent years. In practice, the gaming chair is an office chair but where the focus is more on gaming than office work. This is something that is visible partly on the design of the chairs but also their design and functions. A good gaming chair can probably be used as a good office chair and vice versa, but it also depends on many other features.

We have looked at the tests and reviews conducted by gaming chairs to get an idea of the best models. We have also looked at which chairs are the most popular right now where it is clear that there are several large manufacturers.

By comparing ratings from reviews and tests with what the customers themselves report on, we have been able to select a handful of models that are really good. Partly in slightly different price groups but also with different functions and from different manufacturers.

The choice of the best gaming chair has been weighed with features, price and judgment and although a specific model is designated “best in test”, the alternatives are not bad. Here we believe that your personal preferences should weigh in with the choice and there are other models that we have not included.

How to find the best gaming chairs

The best gaming chairs have a high-quality rocker mechanism that is very gentle on the back and is known as a synchronous mechanism. This mechanism means that when you lean against the backrest, it follows your body movements together with the seat. This corrects incorrect posture and relieves the back. You will find synchronous mechanisms in expensive, very high-quality gaming and office chairs.

A good gaming chair also needs good armrests. These should be sufficiently large and adjustable in height. It is also important that the supports can be turned and moved backwards. Some more exclusive gaming chairs even have 4D armrests. The latter can also be moved to the right and left. This way even players with narrow shoulders have the possibility to adjust the armrests so that they can comfortably rest their arms without having to stretch. Such flexible armrest constructions help you to adopt an ideal posture, which is a great advantage not only when playing but also when working.

The upholstery material used for gaming chairs is primarily PU cold foam in various densities. A higher density provides a harder contact surface.

The basic construction of high-quality models consists of a tubular steel frame with a metal plate or with steel struts including elastic bands where the cold foam mats rest. There are also constructions with metal grids or low quality pressed wood plates. However, since we are looking for the best gaming chairs, we cannot recommend such constructions (even though the corresponding models are comparatively cheap). We recommend a metal frame-elastic band construction, as this guarantees significantly better ergonomics and comfort. Even better is a higher quality version with real wood, a plastic shell or a solid metal plate for the seat. The elastic bands ensure that the foam padding lies optimally on the seat surface and that the back and seat can adapt to each other.


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Some people think a gaming chair is superfluous and some people think that such a thing is nothing more than money-making. However, those who have been able to spend a longer gaming session on a professional gaming chair simply know better. I hope you have learned something here and you have come a step closer to finding the best gaming chair for your!


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