AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide


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  • Breathable fabric cover
  • Simple Design
  • Adjustable backrest up to 180 degrees
  • Versatile armrest for maximum comfort
  • Suitable for larger, wider gamers

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Today I tested the AKRacing Core Ex Wide with great anticipation. The manufacturer AKRacing has worked on its models: Qualitatively, some things have changed, as well as in the product variety.

Features & Innovations of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide

I will now show you in detail what the AKRacing Core Ex Wide is capable of, so you can get an impression of the seating feel, quality, range of functions, and workmanship. Just like the Master Pro, there are a few new features and improvements. The attractive features of the Core Ex Wide in short:

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide


  • Sturdy and painted steel frame, which should not corrode
  • 3D armrests, thus adjustable in 3 directions
  • Rocker mechanism, not lockable
  • Fabric cover & foam should have a better quality
  • Due to the generous dimensions also suitable for wider gamers

Dimensions of the Ex Wide from the Core Series

The name suffix “Wide” tells you what distinguishes the Ex Wide from the standard Ex: The dimensions. Its width offers a lot of space for the gamers who need it. By the way, the dimensions are almost identical to the AKRacing Master Pro, which I also tested.

Design: Simple or coloured, but chic

In terms of design, the Core Ex Wide seems to be a successor to the Prime Series or the 7012 from AKRacing. The color accents are exactly the same here and I think the chair still looks very nice.

Metal Based and 63.5mm big rolls.

The base is made of metal and is not further painted. But I also like the metal look. The rolls are normal size here. Sometimes larger castors are used in gaming chairs, but I don’t notice any advantages of larger castors, so this point should be considered absolutely neutral.

Features of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide

Let’s take a look at how the chair performs in terms of functionality. Compared to its predecessors, AKR has finally put a shovel to the new series and brought the models to a new level.

The rocker function is not detectable, as with the higher priced Master Pro for example. However, the fact that there is a rocker function at all is to be rated positively. This also works perfectly. The resistance of the rocker mechanism can be adjusted below the seat.

A short break? Tilt the backrest by 180. If you want to take a special rest, simply move the backrest backward by up to 180° in relation to the seat. Then you can lie down horizontally and close your eyes. In spite of the low price, 180° is in here. Some manufacturers only use backrests that can be tilted up to 135°.

Most models come to your home with PU leather. But just like Nitro Concepts with the S300, AKRacing continues to offer gamers the ability to order chairs with fabric covers – commendable! Fabric covers have the property of being able to breathe better than PU chairs. So you might sweat less on a fabric cover than on PU, although the PU covers of premium models already have very good breathing properties – at least I have never sweated excessively on a PU chair.

Although PU may look better than fabric, I prefer lumbar and neck pillows with fabric covers. They are softer and yield more when you lean against them. So for me, it is a clear advantage that the cushions of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide are covered with fabric.

While the previous models only allowed a height adjustment of the armrests, you now have 3 directions to adjust the armrests of the Core Ex Wide. A sensible upgrade that brings the Core Ex up to date.

The Core Ex Wide is available for approx. $369.00 and thus belongs to the cheaper models in the class of premium chairs. Do you, therefore, have to make concessions in terms of seating comfort? Nope. I find the Core Ex Wide super comfortable. Even though it uses less foam than the Master Series chairs, I don’t notice any difference in seating comfort. I feel pleasantly upholstered and supported.  In any case, I sit on it excellently and can adjust the chair together with the 3D armrests well. Only a locking function for the rocker mechanism can top this, but at this price, it is absolutely justifiable that this function is missing.


Nothing negative to report – on the contrary: for the price I sit here extraordinarily well.

7.5 Total Score
AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide

With the AKRacing Core EX Gaming Chair at your desk, you can enjoy a comfortable gaming or streaming session. The upholstery of the Core Ex is made of airy, breathable material and is available in different colors. The backrest can fold back up to 180 degrees, so you can adjust it to your liking. Your forearms are also precisely aligned with your desk and keyboard because the armrest can be adjusted in 3 dimensions. Adjust the chair to your liking and place the supplied cushions in the right position and you're ready to play.

  • The fabric upholstery is made of breathable material, so you won't sweat out your chair even in summer.
  • The backrest is fully adjustable and can be folded back up to 180 degrees.
  • The armrests can be adjusted horizontally, vertically and laterally, so your arm always rests exactly at the right angle for you.
  • The plastic castors are not floor-friendly under heavy load, so you have the risk of scratching your laminate floor, for example.
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