DXRacer King

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  • Unique design
  • Robust structure
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Adaptable versatility
  • Exquisite functionality

The KING King’s Chair

For the most demanding gamers, for those who are only looking for quality… We present to you one of the best gamer chairs for the whole year. From the DX Racer brand comes the king of it, one of the most valued professional chairs… We present to you the DXRacer King review.

DXRacer King

The 5 DELUXE Advantages of the KING King’s Chair

Unique design: It has a sports car design characteristic of high-end gamer chairs, however, what differentiates it from other models is its padding. It is a chair that is more than just upholstered, both in its back and in its seat, which surprisingly corrects your posture very efficiently.

Robust structure: Its shape factor not only helps you to have a correct posture, but also its cuts provide a unique freshness; everything to avoid you feeling hot during long hours of play. The best thing is that it is not the typical chair that sacrifices the design for the comfort, in this case, you can have both things, delight yourself with the finishes of the seam, or with the detailed form with which it was created.

Unparalleled comfort: This chair is filled with high density molded foam. It is totally resistant to compression, made of breathable, top quality fabric. This means that it will remain cushioned no matter how much you use it and how many hours a day you give it. This chair is guaranteed to stay as new as the first time, no matter if it has been more than a year.

Adaptable Versatility: Its armrests can be customized to your complete taste. It also allows you to swing from front to back without a problem, plus it has a reclining backrest that allows you to lie down up to 135º or block it at that and many other angles where you are comfortable

Exquisite functionality: It is a chair that supports a great amount of weight. It has a very high quality reclining back and its 5-way adjustable armrests (up, down, left, right, angle, or turn) will allow you to acquire the seating position you want. It is one of the chairs with more capacity among all the existing ones to adopt the function and form that you want.

Why is the KING SERIES model so superior to other gamer chairs?

Easy assembly: After unpacking it, we went directly to the assembly and we must say that it is another point in favor of the company, each of the accessories is precise, so much so that you do not require any extra tool to assemble it.

Assembling it: The truth is that there is no frustration when assembling it, which is a very positive point to highlight. It won’t take you more than 20 minutes to assemble it. Best of all, if you get lost in the steps, you can scan the QR code from the manual and access a detailed video of the assembly.
5-D armrest: We must emphasize this point because this company goes a little further in the configurable aspects of the armrests, and not only can you configure them in height, angle, left to right, or position, but also you can set the width or thickness of your armrests.

Spectacular backrest: Its backrest is similar to the rest of the chairs we have tested before, it can even be reclined to 135º but it can go further, specifically to 180º. However, it differs from the rest in two ways:
Its tilting function is ideal for when you want to stretch out a bit without having to lie down the back completely.
On the other hand, the possibility of adjusting and fixing the backrest in the position you want is another level.

Lumbar and neck cushions: Of the cushions, we can mention that they are among the most comfortable tested, very soft, and correct the position, in addition, almost not noticed, so they will not be a problem, even after long hours of use.


7.5 Total Score
DXRacer King

Without a doubt it is a high-end gamer chair, both its quality and its comfort are a true success,

  • The chair is lined with PU synthetic leather.
  • It comes in a very elegant black and white design.
  • It can carry a maximum load of 150kg / 330lbs.
  • It can go from an angle of 90 to almost 135 degrees.
  • Its frame is made of resistant aluminum.
  • Its armrests are adjustable in 5 modes.
  • It has a tilting function that can be adjusted and fixed as desired.
  • It has a pair of cushions for lumbar and cervical support.
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