GT Omega Elite Racing

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GT Omega Elite Racing

  • Improved fit / lumbar zone and backrest
  • Professional design and 100% configurable
  • Built for long play sessions

Product Overview

As we already know (and if not, we recommend you to read our shopping guide), back pain is a common problem that is affecting many players. That feeling that our body’s musculature is being forced by the position in the chair can be a real nuisance and affect negatively our performance. Surely you have suffered it at some time or experienced the sensation of worsening your game when you have been in an uncomfortable position for several hours.

GT Omega Elite Racing

Well, the prestigious GT Omega brand presents us with a good solution with its Elite model, a really great chair for you to play during long sessions, made for that purpose, not suitable for beginners. If it’s your case, buying this chair can solve many of your problems in front of the screen.

The first feature we look at is the comfort of the chair. It is a comfortable model, pleasant to the touch, and whose upholstery transmits quality. As we mentioned before, it has been designed to play for hours, and we believe that the position is appropriate and you do not feel any discomfort. The reason: its body-hugging structure, inspired by the highest level office chairs. But let’s take a closer look at its features!

General characteristics GT Omega Elite Racing

This is a chair that adapts to the shape of your body, accommodates to every space, and holds firmly and strongly every corner of your back. The GT Omega Elite Racing model forces you to maintain a correct posture; all its curves are designed for this purpose and we can guarantee that it works!

It has removable head and lumbar cushions. In our case, we have found it much more comfortable without using them, but, for color tastes! However, we have to highlight the quality of the lumbar cushion, a real winner among its competitors (on a par with Noblechairs’ HERO model), and which is a delight to players who need to adjust that area firmly.

Configuration: Adjustability

Adjusting these types of chairs is often complicated and annoying for most users. In the case of this model, there is a wide variety of reclining options, height, supports, armrests, etc, but all of them are done in a simple and fast way (we already know that it depends on the game and the controls we use, we will choose a different type of configuration, so this point seems important to us).

It is a model suitable for tall people, with an extra-long back and a tubular height adjustment of the largest that we can find. Are you 1.90? no problem. The height adjustment has a reinforced steel structure that can only be found in professional range models (that’s why we include it in this range, it has earned it !) and a spring cylinder of the best available.


One of the main elements and that has better finished in this chair, its stability is brutal, no matter the weight you carry or the position of the back, always remains firm and stable, far from the models of lower ranges, far away.

We also highlight its locking system, something that, although not used much, can be useful, and the fixing of the tilt system, which reduces to a minimum the movement while we are playing. This improves our level of concentration since it has been shown that these small movements destabilize our neural system minimally.

7.5 Total Score
GT Omega Elite Racing

The GT Omega brand has hit the nail on the head with this chair, building a practically perfect model, combining the best of a high-end desk chair with a very striking gaming design. We are aware that it is not suitable for all pockets, but if you can afford it, it is certainly a more than an interesting option.

  • Configurable 4D armrests
  • Premium design - TOP finish
  • Reinforced steel structure
  • Wheels suitable for wooden floors
  • Washable and resistant
  • Medium level assembly
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