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  • Many customization options
  • Looks great
  • Very durable

The Commander in Review

PC enthusiasts often spend a lot of time sitting in front of their systems. We spend hundreds of dollars on monitors, graphics cards, and processors without thinking about it, so we can have the best possible experience. But why do many of us choose to sit in cheap and inappropriate chairs during long gaming sessions? If your body is your temple, doesn’t it deserve the best throne you can sit in?

Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT

Today we take a look at the Needforseat Maxnomic Commander S BWE (Black & White edition) and decide if the gaming and PC enthusiasts’ gaming chair is worth the high price.

Needforseat is the powerful start-up company and the Maxnomic Commander S has about twice the soft material formula series on both the seat and the backrest, it has a button to adjust the lower back support instead of a cushion and the armrests can be adjusted in a number of ways to get the position of your arms exactly right.

The Needforseat Maxnomic Commander S has the following features:

Integrated, freely adjustable lower back support
Integrated sturdy tubular steel frame with the elastic belt support
High quality foam cushion
4D’ soft armrests
A freely adjustable backrest that tilts up to 67 degrees
Sturdy, durable aluminum base. 70 diameter
Cover material: High quality PU leather (durable vinyl)
Maximum load of 150 kg

Over the years we have bought standard office chairs with a high backrest that initially looked very good, but quickly turned into a fragile skeleton of protruding tubes and collapsed foam. We assume that many of you have done the same. We ended up buying a Herman Miller, which had very few features but was very sturdy and durable. Although there are several factors and considerations that we’ll discuss later in this article, we’ve been using the Needforseat Maxnomic Commander S for months now and haven’t returned to the Herman Miller yet.

Press Needforseat Maxnomic Commander

Anyone interested in a gaming chair or PC gaming chair should know that the foam used in these chairs is very firm. The first time we sat down in this chair we couldn’t believe how hard it was. With the amount of foam used, you’d think you’d be sitting in a lazy boy instead of a collapsible chair at an event, but it was more like the latter. One of the most important details that Needforseat forgets to mention to consumers is that the foam used in these kinds of chairs has an induction period in order to get an equal reaction and softness. We’ve talked to other gamers and they all indicate that they experienced the same thing during the first use and many (including us) found that a pleasant softness is only achieved after a few months.

At the moment we sit on the chair for a couple of hours every day and we have discovered that it takes about three months before the foam in the seat and backrest is so broken that it is pleasant. The chair is still pretty hard, but thanks to the great ergonomics we don’t notice any more of the first discomforts. So when you buy these chairs remember that it takes some time before the foam is completely broken and soft.

7.5 Total Score
Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT

All in all, we believe that the Maxnomic Commander S BWE offers a pretty good value for money. The chair has a sharp style, the design and components are better than competitors in this segment, and especially after a few months of use the foam becomes so soft that it is comfortable.

  • Eight position height adjustment (convenient control knob under the armrest)
  • Three adjustable positions left to right using a control knob
  • Moving forward and backward with a metal control knob in five positions
  • Rotatable (right / left) to 11 degrees with fixed positions via a metal control knob
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