Noblechairs EPIC

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Noblechairs Epic

  • TOP Quality leather
  • Very comfortable
  • Durability
  • Exclusivity

The Prefered Gaming Chair

Today we present you one of those professional chairs that stand on the premium step of the gaming market, the Noblechairs Epic model.

Noblechairs EPIC

When choosing a chair, where you are going to spend many hours of work and activity, it is essential that you evaluate important characteristics such as comfort, quality, materials, and even its less visible features. So it’s a good idea to read through everything you need to know about the Noblechairs EPIC.

This high professional gaming chair, as is the case with the surprising EPIC model from the renowned Noblechairs brand, stands out from the rest for some features that make a difference, such as the details of the mechanisms used in the wheels, armrests, lumbar zone, etc. Not to mention the quality of its materials and finishes from start to finish throughout its structure. Are you one of those gamers or Youtuber who needs to be surrounded by the best material? if so, the Noblechairs brand will convince you.

We have been very impressed by the impressive design of this chair, which represents a mix between the traditional director’s chair and the most recreated gaming chair in formula 1 chairs, so its appearance is accompanied by protruding edges, holes in the air with a lot of aesthetics and elegant armrests that kidnap each user at the time of sitting.

Technical specifications:

Backrest tilt from 90 to 135 degrees.
Swing of a maximum of 11 degrees.
Class 4 hydraulic gas piston.
Aluminum 5-point base.
Powerful steel structure.
Leather with velvet details.
Nylon and polyurethane wheels of 60 millimeters.
Total weight of 28 kilograms.
Maximum height from 140 to 149.9 centimeters.
Base height up to 59 centimeters.
External backrest width of 54 centimeters and an internal width of 30 centimeters.
Adjustable 4D armrests.
Maximum weight supported by 125 kilograms.

Noblechairs Epic advantages over other gamer chairs

Observing its imposing structure in colors such as black or blue, it already represents an undoubted need for purchase. In addition, it has high comfort cushions, specifically to protect the lumbar and cervical areas, valuable to counteract health problems when facing so many hours in front of a screen (remember our mandatory reading guide!!). These cushions have a premium velvet cover, resulting in a pleasant experience to the touch.

Their overall structure is built with high quality materials. The main material of its upholstery is its high quality leather and it is worth mentioning the good finish of its seams, perforations in the seat, as well as the capacity of natural ventilation in all its padded areas.

Another reason to bring the Noblechairs EPIC into your home or office is that the armrests have multiple adjustments that allow you to modify important aspects to offer greater comfort, such as height, angle, longitudinal distance, or separation from the body.

In addition, it does not have the traditional 4 wheels, but 5 in total, which represents greater support and more resistance and durability; made of nylon, a very soft material that prevents scratches on the floor if there are no carpets. And as if that were not enough, it has an anchoring system on its wheels, allowing them to be automatically fixed when the chair is placed in the right position.

Main features and review

In case you’re still not quite sure, be sure to read about the amazing features the Noblechairs EPIC offers:

It’s made in an extensive and complete range of models in various colours in the best gaming style.
This innovative professional high chair model is also available in various sizes, allowing you to purchase a seat that fits your aesthetic measurements and comfort for a better experience.
The design is highly resistant, with high quality materials that make up its entire steel structure, nylon wheels, class 4 gas lift, and much more, which guarantees great resistance and durability.
The chair comes with a comfortable footrest to provide a higher level of ergonomics and comfort. And it is very comfortable!

7.5 Total Score
Noblechairs EPIC

Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair has not only been created with one purpose, but that every detail has been very well thought out, in detail, before its manufacture, thus allowing to achieve a very different and innovative product, from its seams to the steel base, built expressly for the sybarite gamer.

  • Elegant and simple beautiful designed chair
  • Suitable for offices
  • The best that can be found on the market today
  • High price
  • Little variety of colours
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