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Noblechairs Icon

  • Elegance and comfort
  • Durability
  • Supports up to 150Kg
  • No damage to the floating platform

The High End Gaming Nobility

When choosing a high-end gaming chair, such as the amazing Noblechairs ICON, designed to compete with the EPIC model, it is important to analyze all possible aspects, from its structure to its aesthetics. In this case, ICON varies considerably in its entire external presentation and has enhanced its mechanisms to focus on greater comfort by renouncing aggressive design.

Noblechairs ICON

The particularity of this gaming chair is that thanks to its powerful manufacture, it can support up to 150 kilograms of weight, which guarantees excellent quality in its use and total enjoyment. Without a doubt, buying the Noblechairs ICON is a great option. It is one of the most robust and powerful chairs on the market.

The ICON chair represents a model of pure and classic perfection. This is a chair of true luxury, which reflects elegance like no other seat can. In fact, the Noblechairs brand is recognized worldwide for its meticulous finish, ergonomics, etc., making its products the best value and meeting the highest standards of demand.

As if that were not enough, you can choose from seven different models, which will vary in their surprising colors, as well as the materials in real leather, patent leather or Nappa, which will give a touch of personality and avant-garde to your office, business center or desk.

Technical specifications: Noblechairs ICON

First-class design: Ideal for showing off excellent comfort. Its seams have been meticulously achieved to give a first class finish.
Premium materials: Leather or polyurethane linings have been used for the coating, offering a breathable cold foam upholstery with a robust steel frame to give the game chair perfection in all climates.
Ergonomic: It has a comforting adjustable lumbar support, as well as a sophisticated rocking mechanism and flexible 4D armrests. Very comfortable, undoubtedly one of the best we have tried!
Backrest inclination from 90 to 135 degrees.
Up to 11 degree swing.
Class 4 hydraulic gas piston, the same one we found mounted on the Drift Dr400 model.
Aluminum 5-point base. Ultra resistant.
Resistant 60 millimetre nylon wheels.
Steel structure.
Imitation leather with velvet details.
Total weight of the chair of 28 kilograms.
Maximum height from 128 to 138 centimetres.
Adjustable 4D armrests.
Built-in microfibre cushions.
Maximum weight supported up to 150 kilograms. A plus in terms of durability.

The best materials and the latest design

Elegance as a defining inspiration, subtlety, and genius in the design is its strengths and the ones that gather the most positive opinions. However, almost every corner of this gamer chair can be highlighted above its competitors. Its internal configuration is supported by a stainless steel frame that guarantees a chair for many years and an unmatched level of stability.

If you have already read the reviews of other models, you will know that many use cold foam in their interiors. This chair also does so, but its density is much higher, so it makes it easier to return the chair to the initial position for many hours when we are sitting on it.

Its seams are sublime, strong, and of an outstanding aesthetic level.

The ergonomics are close to excellence

A complete, firm, and straight back support that keeps the body in a relaxed, natural position and prevents muscle pain and overloading. The balancing system is soft and robust and the rest of the body is supported gently on 100% adjustable armrests. All this maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that fits perfectly both in offices and in gaming setups.

7.5 Total Score
Noblechairs ICON Review

When you buy a high-end chair like this Noblechairs gaming chair model ICON, you will see that all its operation is really privileged, since all its components are adjusted without the need to exert extreme force and it is extremely practical to the condition it to your taste (important, as we told you in our buying guide), comfort and personality to enjoy the maximum comfort and innovation.

  • Elegant and simple beautiful designed chair
  • Suitable for offices
  • The best that can be found on the market today
  • Conservative design
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