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  • Rocker mechanism infinitely variable
  • Backrest tiltable by 165°
  • 4-direction (4D) PU armrests
  • Loin and neck pillows: Velour & memory foam
  • Lumbar cushions without fastening

The Bottom Line

In the past, Secretlab has been particularly trumped by the cool designs of the chairs, which also made a very solid impression in terms of quality. Real potential to take something from the market for the big top dogs.

SecretLab OMEGA


Now you can find out whether I really like the OMEGA, what body sizes it fits, and whether I would recommend you to buy it!

Features & Benefits of the OMEGA

Let’s start in a short format with what makes the Secretlab OMEGA what it is: Of course, the chair has all the usual features you would expect from a chair in the price range between 300-400€. These would be:

Prime PU cover: My OMEGA is covered with PU, i.e. an artificial leather. Secretlab states that the Prime upholstery has achieved particularly good results in abrasion tests. The OMEGA is also available with SoftWeave (fabric cover) or Napa leather. But with the latter it gets expensive.

4D armrests: The armrests can be adjusted in 4 directions. So they are absolutely up to date.
Neck and lumbar cushions with memory foam and Verlours cover. I like that – I don’t like cushions with PU cover, they are too rigid and deformable. Fortunately, OMEGA has cushions covered with fabric.
Sturdy steel frame as the basis of the chair.
Of course with infinitely variable lockable rocker mechanism.
The backrest can be inclined by 165° to the seat for occasional use

Dimensions of the OMEGA Series

The dimensions of the OMEGA are more suitable for slim to normal-built people. The dimensions are basically the same as those of the competition, but there is one very important limitation: although the seat is theoretically wide, the side bolsters limit legroom. So since you can’t make your legs infinitely wide here, the chair is less suitable for massive people. But for the “normal” stature (what is normal?) it fits perfectly.

Especially cool: fabric, PU and imitation leather possible

I have never seen this before from any manufacturer. There is the fraction that likes imitation leather and the fraction with cats at home that prefer fabric. Secretlab offers both at OMEGA, TITAN & THRONE:

You can get the chair with the so-called “Prime PU Leather” or “SoftWeave”, which means fabric. I think that’s cool! So everyone gets his money’s worth. Even the real leather fans: Napa is certainly pleasant, but 749€ is of course also a house number.

Design: Versatile and if desired simple

At least TITAN and OMEGA Series are rather elegant chairs. Basically the 3 series reminds me of the 3 at noblechairs. You start with a more sporty model and towards the top, it gets more and more elegant. I definitely think the design of the OMEGA is suitable for the office and gaming and very beautifully simple and elegant.

The chairs look special with fabric covers, but already very cool. The colour accents are also pleasantly subtle with all colour variations. In any case, I think my black OMEGA with gold embroidery and red seams is very successful.

The aluminum base and 60mm PU-rolls

The base of the Secretlab OMEGA is made of aluminum and is painted matt black. This alone makes a very nice optical impression. The rollers are pleasantly quiet and easy to run. So you won’t make any noise at home. With a size of 60mm also quite standard: The noblechairs HERO, for example, has equally large castors. Some chairs also use larger castors – the Core Ex Wide, for example, has 63.5mm castors – but I don’t know where larger castors should help. That’s why I don’t care if they are half a centimeter bigger or smaller.


If you like the designs at Secretlab or the OMEGA, I see no reason to look any further. In my opinion, the chair is great, it has everything you need: 4D armrests, a lockable rocker mechanism, 165° tiltability of the backrest and above all: comfort and high-quality materials.

A pleasantly thick upholstery, tightly stretched, and high-quality PU leather, precisely processed seams. If it fits your height, then you can buy the OMEGA without hesitation!

7.5 Total Score
SecretLab OMEGA

Experience the significant improvements in terms of comfort no matter how you use this OMEGA gaming chair from Secretlab that offers an incomparable sitting experience.

  • Natural rocker function for various positions
  • 165° reclinable and tiltable backrest
  • The armrests can be adjusted in 4D̶ directions
  • Lumbar and neck cushions covered with velour
  • Lacking height adjustment on the head pillow
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