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  • Variably adjustable lumbar support
  • Neck pillow with memory foam
  • 4D armrests Full Metal
  • Lockable rocker function
  • Tilt mechanism up to 125°

The Bottom Line

In the past, Secretlab has been particularly trumped by the cool designs of the chairs, which also made a very solid impression in terms of quality. Real potential to take something from the market for the big top dogs.

SecretLab TITAN


This time I’m going one series higher to present you the new TITAN in the 2020 Series. But first of all, let’s look at the features of the Secretlab TITAN.

  • Sturdy and eternally resistant tubular steel frame
  • Full metal 4-D armrests
  • Improved, thicker PU leather in 2020 version
  • Also available with real leather or fabric cover
  • Many cool versions available, for example, “Dark Knight” with Batman icon
  • Flat side walls = plenty of space for every gamer
  • Special: Memory foam in the neck cushion
  • My favourite: Variable adjustable lumbar support

Secretlab TITAN: The details

Dimensions: No narrowness, lots of free space

If you are interested in the Secretlab TITAN, there is one thing you need not worry about: Space. The side panels are pleasantly flattened here. So if you are either a bit bulkier or like to sit very broad-legged, you don’t have to fear that your legroom will be limited by pronounced side bolsters.

The TITAN is the largest model of the Secretlab family and it is absolutely praiseworthy that a model for tall and wide gamers has been created at an affordable price that is not beyond 500€. In the shoulder area, the side cheeks also do not protrude and make sure that men with wide crosses can sit comfortably.

Design: Successful with loving details

Optically, Secretlab has designed a good chair with the TITAN, which is also available in many exciting versions. There is a Dark Knight version, Dota version, and deadmau5 version among many other versions. What I also like are the details. Many normally standard parts like panels and other small plastic components are specially shaped and some of them have the “Secretlab” logo.

Full aluminum base with paint

The base is made of metal and painted black. Even if the base is perhaps not the heart of a chair, it can make a great visual impact. And it does.

60mm castors with solid running properties

These are hybrid rolls that can be used on carpets as well as hard floors. For hard floors, however, a floor protection mat is often recommended for plastic castors, but they are always pleasant to walk on.

SecretLab TITAN: Functions & Comfort

Special: Variably adjustable lumbar support

I have the feeling that exactly this feature will become the standard one day. Lumbar cushions often adapt well to the lower back, but often they don’t: we humans are too differently built for that. The curvature of the lumbar spine is more pronounced in one person than in another. So a variably adjustable option comes in handy.

New: “Full Metal” 4D armrests

These are the new metal armrests in the 2020 series, which appear to be of much higher quality. I have to say, it’s quite something. Of course, parts of the trim are still made of plastic, but the new metal elements definitely bring an upgrade in haptics & optics and certainly in durability.

Lockable rocker function & tilt mechanism up to approx. 125°

A rocker mechanism is a must for the Secretlab TITAN test. This also works perfectly in the long-term test. However, you have to adjust the rocking mechanism to your body weight. You can do this by turning the adjusting wheel underneath the seat directly on the mechanism until it is easier or heavier.

Conclusion: Can I recommend the purchase of the Secretlab TITAN?

Absolutely. The seams are all there where they belong, nothing was sewn crooked here. The workmanship is on a very high level and Secretlab has also been very good in terms of design. Apart from the optical aspects, the range of functions is also brilliant:

A rocking and tilting function is available, we have memory foam in the neck cushion, 4D armrests with soft plastic and a lumbar support that can be adjusted exactly by means of wheels.


9 Total Score
SecretLab TITAN

The seating comfort is essentially the result of the interaction of the individual components and they can be found on this premium gaming chair: Extensively adjustable armrests, the design of the TITAN, the upholstery, the neck cushion, and, important for me: the lumbar support. With this already comfortable chair, this feature allows an even higher level of comfort to be achieved.

  • Variably adjustable lumbar support
  • Neck pillow with memory foam
  • 4D armrests Full Metal
  • Lockable rocker function
  • Tilt mechanism up to 125°
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