Vertagear VG sl2000


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  • Spectacular design
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  • Great comfort
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The Vertagear VG sl2000

High performance at the most competitive price

The Vertagear VG sl2000 is one of the most popular gamer chair models today. For true video game lovers, comfort and convenience are essential tools for enjoying good days in front of the computer or console. This company, in particular, launched a series of models called Series S-Line Racing, which have several products, although this time only details the VG sl2000.

Vertagear VG sl2000


Many people wonder what makes these chairs different from the traditional ones and the reality is that they have ergonomic design features mainly thought for gamers. It contains the ideal combination of both function and form. Longer playtimes will be the result of greater comfort. The action of entering the exciting virtual world has a growing number of accessories and without doubt, that this device is part of the best. Below, we will detail some of the main functions and details of the product.

General features of the Vertagear VG sl2000

The Vertagear VG sl2000 has a seat that can be adjusted so that each player can place it to their own measure. The main objective of this is to be able to maintain a proper posture so that the muscles do not tense up.

For those who have a computer and a desk, it is the perfect tool to align the body with the device. Finding the best angle is vital for a much more satisfying gaming experience.

This gamer chair has padded armrests that allow you to rest these extremities if you are in one position for a long time. The support is maximum for this type of situation and the comfort is guaranteed.

The backrest is also 100 percent adjustable up to an angle of 170 degrees to rest the back a little better. This is a feature that is repeated both with the SL 4000 and the SL 5000.

The material of the Vertagear VG sl2000

The Vertagear VG sl2000 is made of very high-quality leather, typical of the most luxurious items, but adapted to the modernity of the gamer environment. Among the advantages it offers is its proven resistance and the elegant but easy to clean look. In addition, it is made of waterproof. The seat is made of high-density foam, so the back practically does not suffer but literally rests even when the game is in full swing. Also noteworthy is the breathing system it has, which does not allow heat to be concentrated on the product. Therefore bad smells and sweat are absolutely ruled out.

This gamer chair may be big, but the reality is that its average weight of 20 kilograms is much less than most people can imagine when they first see it. Its design is capable of supporting up to 150 kilograms of weight, so it is usually very practical in this sense. With regard to its dimensions, they are 53x52x140 cm, just in case you are looking to give it a place in your room or living room

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Vertagear VG sl2000

The clearest and most concise reason to buy the Vertagear VG sl2000 is that it is a high quality and durable item. The product can be kept in perfect condition over the years, with its cushions virtually intact. What should be clearer is that every gamer has completely different tastes, so it is necessary to investigate as extensively as possible which chair is best suited to each need.

  • Padded Seat Back Cushion - Chair
  • Beautiful colour combination
  • Rigid, hard foam
  • Helps to correct back position
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