Cleaning instructions for gaming chairs

In order to enjoy your new gaming chair for as long as possible, it should be regularly cared for and serviced. This is very easy and only needs to be done at regular intervals, but can extend the life of a gaming chair immensely!

Here are some tips on maintenance:

  • Regularly (every 6 months) check and tighten the screws
  • Check the rollers for soiling
  • Replace rollers if they are defective
  • Oil squeaking or creaking components

Tips for care and cleaning of a gaming chair

Of course, it would be best to avoid stains and soiling in general! However, since this is not always possible, here are a few tips on cleaning and caring for a gaming chair. Regardless of the cover, stains and dirt should be removed as soon as possible. You should also note that direct sunlight causes the colours of the cover to fade more quickly.

Real leather

Covers made of genuine leather look particularly elegant and genuine leather lasts longer – but this depends on regular care. Soiling can usually be removed with a damp cloth and the use of cleaning agents should be avoided. If a cleaner is needed, special leather cleaners should be used. A special leather balm based on fat should be used to care for the genuine leather upholstery. This prevents the leather from drying out and becoming porous.

PU synthetic leather

For covers made of PU imitation leather, proceed in the same way as for real leather and clean dirt with a cloth first. For stubborn stains, colourless washing-up liquid can be used in very small quantities. Then treat the imitation leather with a special balm for artificial leather. As there are many variations of PU imitation leather, you should follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Fabric covers

Stains stick to the microfibres of a fabric cover more easily than other covers and are difficult to wash out. Special cleaning agents such as foam cleaner or upholstery cleaner can be used for cleaning. Before using cleaning agents, vacuum the gaming chair to remove dust and larger crumbs. In general, the care instructions and manufacturer’s instructions should be followed.

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