What should be considered when buying a gaming chair?

In general, before buying a gaming chair, you should think about some basic questions and be aware that there are many factors to consider when looking for one, for example

  • It plays a big role how long you will be sitting on the chair during the day. The longer you sit on the chair, the more important are ergonomics and durable materials.
  • Another factor is your own body size. Because in order to sit ergonomically, the gaming chair must be able to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Some chairs are equipped with gas pressure springs, which are subject to weight restrictions.
  • If two people share a gaming chair, it should be possible to adjust it to the corresponding settings of both users.
  • The budget, i.e. how much money you can or want to spend on a gaming chair, is also a decisive factor in the search for the right gaming chair. Check out our top list with cheap gaming chairs if you are on a budget.

Gaming chairs and ergonomics

Dimensions of a gaming chair The manufacturer’s specifications regarding the dimensions of the corresponding gaming chair are one of the things that help in the search for the best gaming chair. Ideally, you can see all relevant information at first glance and check whether the gaming chair fits you – or not. Particularly important here is the information about the height and depth of the seat, but the width of the backrest is also relevant. If the gaming chair has side bolsters on the backrest, these should also be considered. On the Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair, for example, all the important details can be found.

The 5 rules for ergonomic sitting

When buying a gaming chair, you should make sure that the following 5 rules for ergonomic sitting can be followed:

  1. Arms and legs should be at right angles! The seat height must be adjusted correctly and the table height must be adjusted!The chair height should be adjusted so that the upper and lower legs can form a right angle. Sitting on the front edge of the seat surface and with thighs that are sloping sharply is not stable, and smaller angles with knees that are strongly bent lead to circulatory problems in the legs. The feet should be able to stand completely on the floor. The height of the table must also be adjusted so that the upper and lower arms can form a right angle and the arms should be able to rest loosely on the table or keyboard.
  2. The gaming chair should be fully used!Both the seat and the back of the work chair should be shaped to fit the body and the seat should also be used completely. It should also support two thirds of the thighs.
    The backrest should support the back in the lower and middle area and the lumbar support, the curvature of the backrest, must be adjusted to the individual body measurements so that the spine is supported by the lumbar area.
  3. Use the backrest and sit upright!To ensure that the muscles and intervertebral discs are loaded evenly, the pelvis should be tilted slightly forward when sitting. This upright sitting position means that the abdominal area is free and without pressure and the blood circulation in the legs is not impeded. Sitting bent over with a hunchback should be avoided for a long time and short changes of posture are permitted.
  4. Movement and dynamic sitting! 

    Dynamic sitting prevents one-sided strain on the spine and improves the blood circulation of the muscles and the intervertebral discs. With dynamic sitting, the sitting position is changed several times, so that you sometimes lean forward, sometimes upright and sometimes backward. Many chairs support dynamic sitting by allowing the backrest to move along with the backrest and provide support at the same time. Dynamic sitting prevents one-sided strain on the spine and improves blood circulation to the muscles and intervertebral discs.

  5. Use armrests, footrests and palm rests! 

    Arms held freely on the keyboard must be held by the muscles and put strain on the shoulder area. To prevent this, the arms should be able to rest loosely on the armrests or table and a palm rest in front of the keyboard also has a relief function for the shoulder and neck area when typing.Footrests take the strain off both leg muscles and the back and can compensate for the difference in height from the floor for smaller people. Ideally, however, footrests are not necessary as long as the table is height-adjustable

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